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Indian Cotton Ikat - Indigo Snow - 1/2 meter

Indian Cotton Ikat - Indigo Snow - 1/2 meter

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Indigo blue and white ikat weave. A summer weight dressmaking cotton. Suitable for breezy tops, dresses and loose fitting trousers.

Ikat is a resist dyeing technique where the threads used for weaving are dyed beforehand. The Ikat threads are bound in a pattern so that the threads covered by the binding ‘resist’ the dye, creating a design.  The more binding done before weaving, the more complicated the pattern.

Indian cloths are sometimes susceptible to irregularities in the weave, this is all part of their charm and are not classed as flaws.

Width/Largeur: 46 in / 118 cm
Weight/Poids: Lightweight approx. 115 GSM 
Content/Composition: 100% cotton.
Stretch/Elasticité: None
Thread suggestion/suggestion de couleur de fil: Gutermann Sew-All 266
Country or origin: India

Perfect for: tops, trousers, and dresses 
Recommended Patterns: Farrow dress, Cielo top and much more

Special Instructions: Pre-wash or pre-treat your fabric in the manner you intend to wash your finished garment. 

Sold by 1/2 meter increment. For example, for 1 meter, please select 2 for the quantity.

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