What is Selvage Denim?

Black selvage denim with red stripe

Selvage is a "self-finished" edge of a woven fabric that is finished in a way that keeps the fabric from unraveling. Normally, the selvage fabric is not used in the construction of a garment, but you can definitely be creative and use it 😉

The original blue jeans are a type of garment in which the selvage was used and was considered a sign a quality. Jeans date back to 1870s. They were originally made from fabric woven on cone looms that were 32 inches wide. In order to use every bit of the fabric, the selvage was included in the design. Over time, the production of denim fabric was moved to modern machines that produced fabric that was wider, and the selvage was no longer included in cutting layout.

A few decades ago, selvage denim became popular again and is still made on those traditional 32 inches looms. Generally, selvage denim will have a denser weave, have more weight and will provide better creasing over time.

Selvage denim can be used to make jeans of course but also jackets, skirt, bags...

In the shop, you will find this beautiful selvage denim from Cone Denim Mills. This is a 100% cotton black denim with a beautiful red line in the selvage. At 12.75 oz, it makes the perfect classic jeans. 

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