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Welcome to Sew Not Complicated!

My name is Jacinthe. I basically grew up under a sewing machine going through the pattern catalogs like someone reading a good book. My mom was a very talented seamstress. She was sewing almost all of my clothes either from scratch or upcycled. I didn't really care about the details and process back then, but I remember the long shopping trips to the fabric store and how much I loved touching the fabrics. As a teenager, my mom taught me how to sew, but really all that I wanted was to blend in and have the same clothes as my friends, from an actual store.

Years later, I found myself missing her very much and I turned to sewing again. With an old Necchi Lelia 513 that my mom gave me, I started my journey. I can't say that I was hooked. I was actually rather frustrated having trouble sourcing what I needed to make something that I would wear. Sewing patterns seamed uninspiring and so hard to understand. I took a sewing class that confirmed that I had the basics, but something was missing.

Then I discovered independent sewing pattern companies. It was like a brand new world. Super talented pattern designers are pouring their soul into beautiful patterns that would make anyone wants to sew. They offer support, tutorials and hacks that are approachable and contemporary. I fell in love with sewing for real.

However, as a proud mom of three very energetic boys, I do not have much time to sew. So when I do take the time, I like to have everything on hand and as easy as possible. I started Sew Not Complicated Atelier de Couture to facilitate the process for anyone who would love to start sewing or anyone who, like me, doesn’t want to spend hours to research and source all they need. I curated a collection of independent patterns that can help you make an easy piece of clothing that you will love or an entire handmade wardrobe if you feel like it. I hope you enjoy!

Sewing doesn't have to be complicated.

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