Pattern Skill Level

Whether you are just starting or have been sewing for years, you should pick a pattern that speaks to you. Making a garment because you are able to but have no intention of wearing kind of defeats the purpose of a handmade wardrobe.

Sewing pattern designer usually give an indication of the level of difficulty for each of their pattern ranging from beginner, confident or advanced beginner, intermediate to advanced. These are indications only. An advanced sewist can totally find satisfaction in making a pattern rated for beginner. As a beginner however, you may feel overwhelmed if you pick a pattern that requires a lot of technical skills. Depending on your personality, you could see it as a challenge and fight your way through it, learning a lot in the process, or you may totally get lost and throw it all away.

The pattern collection in the shop offers several options for beginners including:

  • Grainline Studio Lark Tee, Linden Sweatshirt or Scout Tee
  • Merchant & Mills 101 Trouser and Fielder
  • Megan Nielsen Briar Sweater and T-shirt or the River dress and top
  • Wiksten Shift Dress & Top
  • Closet Core Patterns Fiore Skirt