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Kylie and the Machine (KATM)

Hacked - Labels by KATM

Hacked - Labels by KATM

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Do you love to get creative with a bit of pattern hacking? Claim your creativity and sewing super powers with this 'Hacked' label! 

Each pack contains 10 woven labels

Included in one pack: 10 labels (2 x black background, 2 x orange, 2 x purple, 2 x chartreuse, 2 x blue)

Dimensions: 50 mm x 12 mm

Label Type: End fold

How to attach: End fold labels are ideally sewn onto the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by top stitching each end. 

Designed and packaged in Australia by Kylie and The Machine (KATM)

LABELS BY KATM are Super High-Quality woven labels. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable and non-scratchy!

"Images supplied by Kylie & The Machine"

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