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Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills - Cotton Rib Black - 1/2 meter

Merchant & Mills - Cotton Rib Black - 1/2 meter

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2 x 2 cuffing rib in black. Perfect for finishing any sweatshirt. From Merchant & Mills.

Width/Largeur: 38 in / 96 cm wide (tubular)
Weight/Poids: Heavy weight approx. 400 GSM  
Content/Composition: 97% cotton, 3% elastane (spandex)
Stretch/Elasticité: 60% across the grain/15% along the grain
Thread suggestion/suggestion de couleur de fil: Gutermann Sew-All 10

Perfect for: finishing sweatshirt. Use it with a classic jogging fleece


Special Instructions: Pre-wash or pre-treat your fabric in the manner you intend to wash your finished garment. 

Sold by 1/2 meter increment. For example, for 1 meter, please select 2 for the quantity.


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